Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mud... Mud...Mud!!!

1 year old + sand + water + snot + summer + swimsuit = muddy fun!
" Sup. Look what I made. Wanna join in?" Umm.... no thanks, I'll just take my pictures and be moving on!
This is my "Happy Place" I miss the beach and my friends. What's yours?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Laura's Wedding

Einstein's cousin was married the week before my brother in law ( which if you remember *I* did the pictures for his wedding) so these have been on hold. I'm so glad I got to them finally and I am so pleased with how the outdoor pictures came out! I will admit I boosted the color a bit in photo shop and that may be in part due to my winter blues. But she did get married in a garden after all!
This Flower girl was so cute! She was very focused!
The girls marching in.
Exchanging the rings.
I LOVED this moment. It's the groom's sister shedding some happy tears during his exchange of vows. It was very touching. I love her single tear on her cheek....
I love her smirk here :-)
The girls again.

I love their exchange here. There's just something very special between them and you can tell.

Going in for the kiss!

I hope you enjoy these. Reception pictures to follow in a few days. We did some crazy dancing.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tinyman and Thomas The Tank

Tinyman LOVES to watch anything Thomas the Tank. He calls all his movies "TRAINS!!!" I caught him hanging out on my bed watching Thomas yesterday and snagged a few pictures.

Joker's 7th Birthday (from JULY!!!)

I know, I know! How terrible am I that it's taken more than 6 months to post these! Well, better late than never I always say! We had a great time, with a HUGE number of people who came out to the beach. It was not the best day- very very windy ( couldn't even light the birthday candles so he had to "pretend" to blow them out ) and slightly cool but it didn't stop the kids ( or even adults!) from hitting the water. We had some tubing action, a pinata, and a fun fun day overall! I am sad to say that he is closer to 8 now, than 7 :-(

Probably one of the best pinata pictures I've ever seen! I LOVE his face here!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

800 HITS??!!

That how many my blog has had since I started it back in May! Now I know that 800 is a drop in the bucket for some, but I consider it a lot. I'm very flattered and humbled that people want to see my blog AND come back again and again. So here's my official "Thank You" to all my blog followers. Your support and comments mean a lot. So, in gratitude, here's a picture of heart-shaped sea glass just for you!

WIPE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caught this fantastic tubing wipe out at my son's birthday party this past July. I LOVE the last shot with all that white spray flying up. He did escape without injury though. Check out the drivers' face in shot #4. Classic.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For MckMama

****************** I added this cute little guy after the original post to show another example. Top one has the hue/saturation tool, the bottom one doe not************************

I have found a new blog that I check *daily*. She has 4 small kids like myself
( although hers are much smaller!! You can become a new fan of her humorous blog by going to:
She is very refreshing to read and has wonderful stories but is so down to earth. I know she lives in New England somewhere, just not sure where.
So MckMama- this post is for you! I have used the hue/saturation tool before but didn't know you could take it off "master" and move the colors individually! So a BIG THANK YOU to that my fellow blogger and photographer. I only moved the saturation up a bit on "master" but quite bit on "blue" and a bit on "yellow". I see a big diference in the pictures. The top one is much "warmer" while the bottom (original) seems very "flat" to me. This is not the best example but it's the best I could find and I'll be sure to post another one when I take pictures of my kids playing outside in their snow tunnels tomorrow!

Above is the one I bumped the saturation up on, the bottom is the original.
( which I did use "levels" and "curve" tool on already)

Backyard Summer Fun!!

My *very* dirty Tinyman showing me one of his favorites things- a car!

Some more pictures I found from last summer. Just a nice afternoon over at a friends house, playing in the backyard. Oh how I miss those days and look forward to them once again! I love how little kids have so much personality to them and enjoy the simple things like a teeter totter or hitting a ball in their own backyard.

Monday, January 19, 2009

4th of July Part 2

(above) Lord Of The Flames.......

The other half of the pictures from our camping weekend. I realized something- I didn't get ANY of my parents or my sister and her husband! :-( But I did get some good ones of the kids and their activities. We did a LOT of exploring. And swimming. The weather was beautiful and so was our destination. There is no electricity, just generators which they run in the morning from 6am-9am and again from 6pm to 10pm. it's actually really nice! Everything gets nice and quiet at 10am. I really want to go back again next year. We did get Tinyman on a 4 wheeler. Well, *I* got him on one- as long as I was driving. He seemed to like it ok... there were beautiful types of birds in the birdhouse and the owner was a magnificent gardener! Amazing pots and beds of flowers everywhere you looked. A nice clean lake and quiet campground with lots of hiking trails. We met a nice guy Forrest while up there and he took my Dad on a 3 hour 4 wheeler ride around the lake. My dad said it was one of the best trails he's ever been on! I think that was the highlight of his trip! :-) We had our good friends come up for the day and really enjoyed their company. All in all, a wonderful weekend filled with laughter and giggles, and memories were made. And that's how I define "The good life" here in Northern Maine.