Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh just a Few More from Today....

She was just beautiful and so PROUD of her belly. She really had that pregnancy "glow" about her. I really feel blessed to have been able to do this today. I hope to have another shoot like this in the future, they are definitely my favorites!

Guess What *I* Did Today??

I had SO MUCH fun!! She had the most perfect belly and this is her 4th baby! She was so sweet and easy to work with. And I'm SO pleased with how these came out too! What a fun, fun day!

P.S. If you know this person, keep this photo shoot under raps... she did this as a surprise for her husband.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Music Man- Part 2

This is my favorite picture from tonight. He NEVER smiles. ( anything that's genuine anyway) I usually get this goofy-fake smirkanad it drives me crazy! Well, tonight I got him to laugh a little bit and my camera did the rest! Isn't he so handsome? I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love his blue eyes and RED goatie....

Ok, you can go get your barf bag now.....

My Music Man

My husband let me take some pictures of him tonight on the deck. I had a lot of fun just playing with my angles. I also did some photo shop magic on these. not a ton, but enough :-) I hope you enjoy them!

Indigo Bunting

Not a great picture, but a decent one at least. They get frightened very easily and this one flew away before I could get much closer. These Blue Buntings are my favorite birds that visit over the summer. I just love their glorious blue color.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boys in Color......

From the previous post: some are the same, some are new, but now they are in color :-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

For Bethany:

Thanks for a FUN day. I hope you like them..... I want to re-shoot for "brother" pictures again. You sure do have some handsome boys!

And now, my blog is complete... (grin)

Oh To Be a Kid!

Remember when you were a kid and how good a fan felt on your face on a summer day? Did you ever talk into the fan just to hear how funny your voice was? One of the best things about having little kids is they remind you how magical childhood can be. Today was one of those moments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cool Cat's Long Lost Fraternal Twin

Amazing, I know. They never knew the other existed until High School Musical came out. And of course "the hair" was a DEAD give-away! Uncanny resemblance, yes?
The reunion was very emotional and truly touching. They promised to keep in touch and will exchange hair styling tips. Good luck with your new brother cool cat!!

P.S. I have *temporarily* added a song from High School Musical as a dedication to their happy reunion......Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girls will be Girls!

My oldest daughter went to a birthday party today. It had a "Princess" theme. They all got these pretty girly hats as party favors. I couldn't help but shoot a couple pictures of them together. The other picture is of a little girl I had the pleasure of meeting today. She was just adorable and had beautiful eyes.

Butterfly Series- #1

I do feel that I should tell you that I DID edit these a little. I bumped the saturation up on all of these photos for a more striking look. But that was really it. I love butterflies. And they are easier to photograph, and EDIT than a wedding. (grin)

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 3

Artsy Butterfly

This ones for you Aleyne!

Butterfly 4

Holding Off on the Wedding Photos

I have shown a lot more wedding pictures than I intended. While I'm sure the Bride and Groom are ok with it, I'm going to hold off on showing anymore until after they have seen all of them. I will post *1* more, a picture of the Brides family (just to be fair) and that'll be it until a later time. I hope all you loyal blog followers will understand. :-) But I promise I'll be posting some new pictures soon, that aren't wedding related!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool Cat

And he's a ham let me tell ya. He nick named me paparazzi for the day. Super fun guy. Sorry for any embarrassment this may cause you cool cat, but you asked for it. ***grin***

Monday, June 16, 2008

Two* of my Favorites from the Wedding............

My daughter and her grampy.

Just like Cinderella at the ball.....

Maddy, I hope you see this.....

Nothing Sweeter.....

Than a father dancing with his daughter......

This is For You Kelly!!

You have a GREAT man there Kell......

The Groom and His Family

These pictures were tough, tough, tough to edit. The lighting in this room was bad and it made everyones skin look weird. So again, that is the reason for antique or B/W pictures. But if you do like these, wait till we get to the Reception....
The best is yet to come.......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Wedding Pictures

Here are some of the new happy couple. I chose to do these in an antique finish because of 2 things: I'm going for a certain feel to these images and the lighting in there was terrible! So here you go, like it or not! (I'm actually pleased with how they came out) I will post more as I do them. I will try to do a new set of 5 daily over the next few days. SO keep checking back in!

And thanks for looking (smile)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Favorite Picture of the Day- REPOST (This is for YOU Renn)

I am re-posting this because I had to correct the color in the original post. (too much red tones in the skin) and also because I had another picture I wanted to put up for you to see. So I'm asking again:
(Sorry Renn... no Sepia available)

Fun Day, GREAT Wedding, I'm Tired and a Sneak Peak!