Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Fishing Trip, Day 1, heading out....

Things have been a little stressful lately, especially for my Hubs. SO I planned a surprise get away/fishing trip for us. I have always wanted to learn to Fly-Fish and I decided to go for it. I have a great friend who said she'd watch my kids for us while we went overnight and I took her up on her offer. Everything else just kind of fell into place. So we left Thursday morning around 10am and headed out to Big Eddy Campground located on the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Driving out there was unbelievable. I have never seen Mount Katahdin up close before so when we hit it, we pulled over. I immediately saw a Turkey Vulture circling so I took a few pictures of him.

Picture #2 and #3 are (obviously) mt. Katahdin. Isn't that an amazing view? What a beautiful day it was.

***As a side note- the wildlife out here was crazy! We saw ducks, a family of Turkey Vultures, a Bald Eagle, a Blue Herring and a very confused Seagull!****

My Husband is VERY happy he gets to fish soon.......

Our Trip, Day 1, Afternoon

Man Vs. Tent.....

This was quite a showdown. the tent gave the man a good fight, but in the end, the man won!
Note to Self: Always set up a borrowed tent BEFORE the trip begins.

While He was battling the tent, I took in some scenery. The site was RIGHT on the river. Amazing. The rapids were a football field away from us. I fell in love with this place right away! The owner, Mark, is a photographer so we hit it off right away ( wink) Nice guy, and his wife, Susan, not a bad cook.. but more on her later...

Picture #2 is the path that led from our site down to the water. As you can see, not a very long walk!

Picture #3 are the rapids. ( close-up)

picture #4 is the view from the end of the pathway. Amazing!!!

We fished for about 3 1/2 hours. It was my first time fly-fishing and it grew on me right away! It is really about getting a good rythym and getting a good feel for your rod in your hand. I caught my first fish: salmon about 12 inches long! Super fun! We called it quits around 5pm so we could head back and have some dinner. We had some good time to just sit and talk. At one point I said "Wow, this is weird. We can actually finish a sentence because the kids aren't around!" We laughed about that... we're not use to all that un-interrupted conversation!

Our Fishing Trip, Day 1, Evening

What a gorgeous night! We had grilled chicken and ceasar salad for dinner and headed out to fish again over at Holebrook. It was a bit crowded, and had one especially grumpy fisherman down there. With only 1 good hit, we left there after only fishing for about 45 minutes. We went back to camp and threw some flies out right in front of our tent site. Picture #1 is T-LSS bridge at Sunset.
#2 is a self portrait of us.
( sorry for the quality but it's the only one I have of "us" on our trip)

#3 is the water right in front of our site.

#4 Is my hubs flyfishing at dusk. (#3 and #4 have been messed with some.... it wa snot that "blue" out there! LOL!)

#5 was the INCREDIBLE view of the moon last night. I had NO tripod so don't pick on my picture of the moon. It's very tricky to get a half decent shot without one!

We headed to bed around 10:30 and it felt glorious to be inside that sleeping bag. Ahhhhhh. I was bushed!

Day 2

When we awoke this morning, we headed out to fish till about 9:30. Then we came back for some delicious coffee and breakfast. It was raining so we had a late start to the day.
This is the "Coffee Shop".

There is an honor system for coffee and homemade treats. the coffee was WONDERFUL!! ( Steph, you would just be in heaven!) She only has 1 blueberry muffin left, but if we were patient... this is what awaited us.....

Homemade blueberry coffee cake! ( with fresh picked blueberries no less!) She carved my hubby a slice and brought it out to him! Oh man... it was SO GOOD!

After sitting on the porch for a bit, we headed over to the bath house and had a nice HOT shower. best $1.50 I ever spent.

This hummingbird was having some breakfast so I * tried to* take a picture of him.. boy are they fast little creatures!

After our shower, we packed up and headed up to a dam. then I begged my hubs to let me fish for just a 1/2 hour before we hit the road. He agreed and we hiked in a little ways to a place called "Little Eddy". Huge cliffs, deep ravines.. just amazing! I was sad to leave but our little get away was just what we needed and we really enjoyed each others company! No real big fish this time, but we're already planning our trip back there! I highly recommend Big Eddy's Campground to hikers and fisherman, it's truly a place that grows on you and one place you will not soon forget!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Beach Beauty

Isn't she a cutie? Such a poser too.. but I love it!!

Sunset on the 4th

What am amazing sight, huh?

I have more from our camping trip..but this will have to hold you over for now....more to come later.....



Bad To The Bone.........

Thursday, July 10, 2008

To My faithful Blog Viewers......

Sorry about the absence... it's been majorly crazy here! The kids started swimming lessons that go all week, we've had a mini family crisis, and we got a new computer that doesn't recognize my camera ( yet) to download my pictures! I have plenty of things to post about too! We went away for the 4th and we've been at the beach.. I have some great pictures to show you so hold on... hopefully I'll have some new posts up soon! I am missing my blogging terribly.......

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally Finished!

I'm all done editing this photo session! So excited to be done... and to show my mom-to-be! I'm going to order through and see if they're any good or not. I have heard good things about them so I'll give them a try!

We have been busy this week with swimming lessons and soccer. And tomorrow we leave for camping over the 4th! I can't wait to see my parents, sister and her family! We don't get to see each other enough! I'm hoping ( fingers crossed) to get some great pictures from this weekend. I have a few from today at the beach that I'll post in a few minutes.

until then, here's one last maternity photo to sustain you..
more to come soon......

And again, thanks for looking!